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24Karat We Buy Gold Trusted Gold Buying Company In India

24Karat is the leading trusted gold silver buyer in the industry that was started as a venture to help people get the best value for their gold. 24Karat believes in 100% focus on customer satisfaction.

Get Cash for Your Gold - A Professional Buyer Of Gold Helps You Get a Fair Deal

Gold is one of the most precious metals for people in India. However, when you buy gold jewellery, there comes a time when it becomes old, and you don't use it anymore. That does not have to mean that your jewellery stays in a locker forever!

Our experts at 24Karat understand the value of your precious jewellery. At our outlets, you can exchange your gold for cash. We are one of the most prestigious old gold jewellery buyers in the region.

If you are looking for the best place to sell gold in Gurgaon, Noida, Gaziabad, Faridabad or other nearby locations, look no further. 24Karat is the place for you to sell gold!

We check the purity of the gold through world wide certified german karatmeter machine. This purity of the gold determines the value you will get for your gold.

We, at 24Karat, assure you the best value for your gold! This is because we are transparent with our procedures and professional with our services. Therefore, if you are looking for genuine buyer of gold in the region, 24Karat should be your choice!

The process of Selling old gold jewellery for cash - Awarded trusted buyer of gold

The team at 24Karat understands the value of time. Therefore, we value the time of your customers. Therefore, we are professional and quick with our services. Our methods for selling gold for cash are simple and efficient.

If you are looking for how to sell gold, here are the easy steps to follow at 24Karat :

Step 1: Bring us your gold, silver or diamond items at any of our outlets spread across the region.

Step 2: Get the purity of your gold or other precious items for selling on the KARATMETER that is specially designed using German technology.

Step 3: We will offer you the best possible cash value for your gold! Finalize it and take the instant cash you receive from us after selling your items. You can also seek returns in the form of cheque, NEFT, or RTGS. Your convenience is of the utmost importance to us. Therefore, we pay you for your gold in the form you like!

Yes, it is that simple! Therefore, if you are searching for sell gold for cash near me come to us! We are a trustworthy and reliable gold buying company in delhi , gurgaon , noida , indirapuram , ghaziabad and faridabad that can buy your gold, for instant cash!

How and Where To Sell Gold Jewellery in Delhi NCR - Highest Paying Buyer In Delhi NCR

If you are in search of the right gold jewellery buyer in Delhi, 24Karat is the best choice for you! This is because we are certainly one of the trusted buyer of gold in Delhi and NCR region. We have a legacy of 50 years in the filed and thus, are amongst the reputable buyer in the industry.

At 24Karat you get the maximum value for your precious gold jewellery. If you are looking for where to sell gold near me we are the right choice. It is an extremely simple and hassle-free process.

All you have to do is visit any of our outlets, the one that is situated at a location most convenient for you. Next, our executive will guide you through it. First, the expert will check the purity of your gold using the highly accurate KARATMETER. Next, we will quote you the maximum price for your items. You can thus sell old gold for cash easily at our outlets.

All you have to do is come to our outlet and leave the rest upon us! We will assist you with all of it and make sure that you don’t face any difficulty.

Get the Best Value of Your Gold - Best Gold Buying Company

The experts at 24Karat are professionals and know their job well. Also, we understand the importance of the gold items and other precious items that you own. Therefore, we understand that you are selling of your precious items for a reason.

In case you have some emergency and need instant cash for it, you will sell your gold, silver or diamond jewellery. 24Karat is the best company to sell your gold to. This is because the procedures we follow are systematic, organized and quick.

Our experts provide complete assistance and guide you through the process until the end. We make use of KARATMETER that is based on German technology and great quality algorithms have been utilized to create it. Therefore, the accuracy of evaluating the purity of gold is excellent on it.

Thus, you can rest assured that you will get the best possible value for your gold at 24Karat. The experts will fetch the maximum possible return value for your gold. This way, you will be able to get instant returns on your gold items at 24Karat.

If you wish to sell your gold jewellery and are searching for a professional buyer of gold, have your trust in us!


1. How can I sell old gold? What are the Terms and Conditions of this?

You can sell old gold to our company as we have been awarded the trusted buyers in India for not only old gold, but silver, diamonds as well. Terms and Conditions for selling old gold to us are simple. The gold item needs to undergo testing, and following its value, we will then provide you with the instant Cash /NEFT/RTGS. One condition is necessary that the gold must not be a piece of stolen jewellery as selling such jewellery is an offence.

2. How to find the right buyer of gold and silver?

Finding the right buyer of gold and silver is essential if you want to avoid getting duped. It would help if you did your research online. Check out the buyers’ websites; the customer testimonials and determine whether the buyer is reputable and well-established or not. You can also physically visit the buyer's stores to ascertain their authenticity. We are trusted gold and silver buyers in Delhi NCR. Visit us to get reasonable value for your gold and silver ornaments

3. What to consider while selling gold and silver ornaments?

To get the best value for your gold and silver ornaments, you must keep the following things in mind. Make sure you always keep the invoice of the ornaments safe and handy. Also, get the purity and value of the ornament tested before selling it; research your buyer well to establish their reputation in the market; and get multiple quotes from different buyers if needed. Negotiate the ornaments' price smartly.

4. Is it better to sell gold online or at a store?

Both these methods of selling gold have their pros and cons. Selling gold online will get you a better price. Plus, it is incredibly convenient to sell gold online. Also, keep in mind its downsides: you are supposed to ship gold pieces and wait for the money to be transferred thereafter. You will not have to send your gold, get instant cash, and meet your buyer face-to-face by visiting the store.

5. How is the value of gold determined?

We keeps itself up-to-date with the newest technology to determine the value of gold. We use the KARATMETER, which is based on German certified technology that provides the value of gold in Karat (22kt) and Percentage (91%). This method is utilized by famous Jewellers like Reliance, Kalyan Jewellers, Tanishq, etc. and us because it is the least destructive and highly authentic. The testing through the KARATMETER is done in front of clients to ensure 100% transparency.

6. Do you have any Retail Stores where I can sell my gold on the spot?

Yes! We know that selling gold online might not be comfortable for everyone. Due to this, we have opened up branches in Gurugram, New Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, and Faridabad. Currently, we have branches spread across Delhi & NCR for the convenience of our customers. These branches are open all week from 10 AM to 7 PM. So, you can visit them accordingly to sell your gold on the spot. For more information, call our Toll-free number: 1800-120-2888.

7. I'm 17 to 21 years old. Can I sell my gold?

We usually allow only those above the age of 21 to strike a deal with us to sell their gold. However, under exceptional circumstances, we can ask 17-21 years old to provide us with written consent from their legal guardian or parents before they can sell their gold to us. It is done to avoid any legal conflict or criminal activity.

8. What if I do not know the weight of my gold jewellery?

It is very much possible that you are not aware of the weight of your gold jewellery. In that case, we advise you to check the invoice to know its importance. If that is also not possible because you have lost the invoice, we will help determine the weight of your gold jewellery. We will do so in a transparent and accountable manner so that you can negotiate the price of your jewellery wisely.

9. How can I be sure of getting a fair price of silver and gold?

Providing you with a fair price for your silver and gold is a top priority. Because we thrive on this promise. We do the testing in front of the customers to let them know the actual value of their gold. We also provide a proper breakdown of the price that we offer to our customers based on the value of gold and the current market price of gold they are willing to sold to us. We ascertain offering them genuine value.

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We don’t just speak of our service quality; we have been awarded as the most trusted gold silver buyer in Delhi and NCR region.

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Outlets spread all over Delhi and NCR so that you can visit the one nearest to you

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We make use of German technology-based KARATMETER that is highly accurate and reliable to determine the purity of your gold.

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Gold Jewellery Buyer in Delhi


We first weigh the gold items you have and then check its purity in terms of Karat using our accurate KARATMETER. Then, we pay you the highest possible price for your gold.

Our experts can safely remove the gemstones from your jewellery and return them back to you. If you want, we can buy the jewellery along with the gemstones and pay you an accurate amount as an extra for them. However, this value can vary as there are no standard measures for it.

At 24Karat We Buy Gold, you can sell your gold, silver od diamond items. This can include jewellery, coins, biscuits, etc.

No, there is no interest charged because we purchase your gold items and give you instant cash, cheque, NEFT or RTGS immediately.

No extensive documents are required here. All we ask for is a valid photo ID proof along with an address proof to complete the final procedures.

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KARATMETER The best machine to determine the purity of your gold

We make use of KARATMETER based on German technology which is a certified machine to test the purity of your gold. This machine is used by renowned gold jewellers like Kalyan Jewelers, Reliance, and Tanishq.

This is an accurate and transparent way of testing the purity of your gold. It is a widely used and appreciated method of determining gold purity.