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Diamond is one of the most precious jewellery, and every other woman wishes to have a diamond in her collection. Nowadays, selling diamond and getting instant cash has become easier. The problem arises when you do not get a deserving price for your precious diamonds. Following are some of the points one should keep in mind before selling their diamonds:

#1 Knowing everything about your diamond

When we buy jewellery, we invest a lot of time in researching about the best brand, best design, trendy jewellery. Selling diamond demands an equal amount of attention. Every diamond is unique and comes in various forms, sizes, and colors. Every diamond has unique features, and that is what makes them valuable. The best diamonds are the polished ones; they hold more special features than other diamonds. So, it becomes important for you to know every detail of your precious diamond. It will determine what price you will get by selling them in the market. .

#2 Understanding the market value

A diamond's price is set by how appealing it is. GIA has regulated the grading of diamonds. The color, symmetry, polishing, and design are some of the important factors to determine the price of a diamond in the market. If you have loose diamonds, then their market price will vary from jewellery. So, do a lot of research before selling your precious diamond for cash in the market.

#3Research the best diamond jewellery buyer in Delhi

Before jumping into the market with your diamonds, you need to do a lot of research about the best diamond jewellery buyer in Delhi. You can take the help of your friends in shortlisting the best diamond dealers in the market. You can easily find reviews and ratings of various dealers online. Another important factor is not to stick to one or two buyers, no matter how much reputed they are. Visit as many buyers as you can. Understand how all of them work.

#4 Be wise when You sell diamonds for cash

Understand the market of diamonds before you sell diamonds for cash, how it works, by what factors the prices vary, and how you can get the highest price on your diamond. Do not get cheated by those who are best in luring the customers. Always keep your bill safe, and make sure that you have sold the diamond with proper documentation and paperwork. Selling diamonds is not an easy task. But at 24Karat, you can have a completely safe and trustworthy experience. So, next time if you are looking for a reliable silver buyer and diamond jewellery buyer in Delhi, trust 24Karat with your needs!

Choosing Where to Sell Diamonds Can be a Draconian Decision

Best place to sell diamonds

Though it’s a general perception that choosing to sell diamonds is a difficult decision, when it comes to selling diamonds for cash in Delhi NCR , 24Karat is certainly the best place to sell diamonds that makes it easier for you to get instant cash. We are always available to offer some good money against your precious diamond jewellery within no time.

Proper valuation—the primary concern

The concern of proper valuation may be creeping into your mind as the primary motive is to get the best value. Being a trusted name, we follow a very transparent process of evaluating your diamond where the valuation of your diamond is done correctly. We have highly qualified and experienced diamond graduates from the reputed internationally acclaimed universities on our panel who carry out the 1st valuation. This process is followed by a 10X loupe method to ascertain the quality and colour of your diamond jewellery.

Still in a fix to sell a diamond—approach us

We, at 24Karat, are known for our transparent services. We are indeed the epitome of trust and reliability that we have acquired in legacy over the years and decades. Having been in the business for over five decades by now, we take pride in proclaiming that all through these years, we have adhered to our ethos and standards set by our predecessors. We are thus duty-bound to carry this legacy forward. We have a genuine reason to excel, and we minutely take a look at your diamond jewellery that may have lost its charm or closely consider your concern if you are in dire need of hard cash arising out of some necessity and want to sell it for this very reason.

Dealing in all types of diamond jewelries

You need not worry about the kind of jewellery you want to sell, as we buy all sorts of diamonds or diamond jewellery to ensure giving you instant cash against gold,silver and diamond. Where it comes to money, we offer simply the best, way ahead of the competitors. If you want your diamond jewellery in safe hands, then beyond doubt, no other seller comes close to us. Our credibility makes us the safest place to sell diamond jewellery . So, if you are still in a dilemma about where to sell diamonds in Delhi, don’t think twice. Approach us now with your jewellery to let’s evaluate its price and take home the best possible instant money in any desired mode of payment.

So, what still stops you when things have become clear to you as to which is the best place to sell diamonds? Don’t delay and visit any of our nearest branches in Delhi and NCR to avail the best deal that awaits you.