Awarded Trusted Buyer Of Gold


Yes, indeed we do. As of now, we are present at various locations in North, South, East, and West Delhi & Gurgaon. For further details, please visit our branches page or feel free to call our customer support toll free number at 1800-120-2888.

We safely remove and hand back other gemstones to our customers. Extra value can be provided for them, but there are no standardized processes that we follow in determining the value of gemstones and hence, the value might vary from time to time

You can sell your gold, silver and diamond ornaments, jewelry, your gold or silver coins, bars & diamonds. We will make sure you get a profitable deal

Yes we can. If they are embedded in jewelry, we safely remove them and give them back to the customer. We can also give you a value for your gemstones. However, there is no standardized process that we follow in valuing gemstones and hence, the value might vary from time to time..

Yes, we buy gold biscuits..

No, we do not charge interest because we buy your gold and give you cash, cheque, NEFT or RTGS, unlike any other gold loan company..

We are not a jewelry retail outlet; we are professionally managed and driven buyers of gold in Delhi & NCR Region . We provide you with detailed reports of your assets before going ahead with the deal and keep the entire process very transparent.

The final decision is up to the customer, and once the testing methods are carried out, it depends on the customer whether they would like to sell their gold or not..

NO. We will not be able to re-sell the asset purchased as we immediately send it for processing and purification..

We are different from other gold loan companies because we buy your gold without giving you a loan against it. Also, we have a special gold purity testing process where we use KARATMETER.

Yes, we do buy your silver ornaments/coins..