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Gold Purity Testing Machine

Gold Purity Testing Machine

Gold has a unique value from very early times. It has been considered as an asset and presently, gold has been used as a great value for money. For exchanging gold in value for money great care should be taken for proper evaluation. Before exchanging gold in any form, the purity should be tested in perfect accuracy. This turns out to be a very sensitive task and hence to avoid any human errors, Gold Purity Testing Machine, Karatmeter is used.

Previously, the only way to test the purity of gold was the unreliable and old acid testing method which was actually not accurate and also causes loss of gold every time the testing takes place. But still most of the jewelers use the same old way to check the purity and many times make a fool of the customers as they are not much aware of this test and their outcomes. So, being a layman, normal customers do not understand and has no choice but to rely on the jeweler as no other option is available.

We at 24 Karat make use of the Karatmeter which is only owned and used by some of the most renowned jewelers like Tanishq, Kalyan Jewelers and Reliance, etc. We are the pioneers of the cash for gold industry and thus we have the most transparent way of getting the purity test of gold done in front of the customer’s eyes. Unlike our other competitors in the business of buying gold for cash, we never use acid test and keep each and every transaction fair and transparent, which has actually helped us to grow as a renowned brand in this industry.

What is a Karatmeter?

During buying and selling of gold, the quality has to be tested to perfection. 24karat being a regular buyer of gold takes special care in testing and evaluation of gold. The Gold Purity Testing Machine called Karatmeter was first introduced by TATA. This normally works on the use of X-ray. The Hallmark gold that’s now available in the market is achieved after testing the ornaments through karatmeter.

How It Works

the X-ray technology is used in this method. It is the most expensive method that is present nowadays now for measuring the quality with perfect accuracy. Firstly, the sample is tested with no loss by the use of X-ray in the machine, after which the output purity is displayed accurately in both karat and %

Why Is This Method adopted by us?

This method is used for the following reasons:

  • Being a non-destructive method, it is widely used and appreciated .
  • provides exact value of the purity of the sample in Karat and % i.e- 22kt/91%